Even the most alert driver will fail to catch the image of an approaching cyclist in his mirrors now and then. With QUADRIBEL, he gets a sound signal and a visual indication to become aware of a cyclist in a split second.


Some 26,000 people die in traffic accidents every year. The biggest causes are failure to see the person or inattention. Examples are legion. Busy traffic requires your undivided attention, and a single moment of inattention can be fatal.

“He cannot hear you or he does not listen?” With QUADRIBEL you can always call him to order.


With the reliable QUADRIBEL technology, it is as if you have eyes in the back of your head, because no cyclist will escape your attention any more, even in a tricky manoeuvre or a critical traffic situation.


QUADRIBEL communicates ultra fast through an inventive communication protocol, without using existing networks.

A motorist can set his preferences with the QUADRIBEL APP, e.g. the range of the signal, sound signal, volume, etc.


QUADRIBEL also works in the other direction: if it is connected to the indicators, the weak road user gets a warning signal from the approaching vehicle automatically. LEDs start blinking on the side of the approaching vehicle.


QUADRIBEL uses the 2.4 Ghz and 868 Mhz band to communicate. 2.4 Ghz is used for fast communication over a short distance (50 m) like the bike bell or lorry indicators. 868 Mhz is used for alarms over long distance.

Requires no network infrastructure. No WiFi connection, no SIM card, no subscription.

The functionalities are determined by the docking station.

80 g

7 days under normal use (2 hours cycling per day)

via wireless charger or docking station

IP Certification:
IP57 (the device is waterproof and can continue functioning for a half hour at a depth down to 1 meter)

3 years

QUADRIBEL has been tried and tested also for the following situations:

  • As a detector: street crossing helpers, priority vehicles, school gate, bus, passenger crossings, etc.
  • As personal alarm: warn selected people beforehand if you are in a difficult situation. For instance, neighbours who help each other when there is a problem, but would not have been aware of a problem without QUADRIBEL.
  • As "follow-me" indicator: ensures that you are visible at all times on worksites where large machinery and people cross paths.
  • As "follow-him (-her)" indicator: keep an eye on your child on the beach or hang the device on your dog's collar so that you know where it is if the leash breaks.

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